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Year Six Evacuation Day


As part of their 'Behind Enemy Lines' topic, the Year 6 children from Callington were evacuated to Boyton Primary School. The children had no idea where they were being evacuated to and as we drove on the coach, past fields and farms, they soon realised they were being taken to a much more rural location; they were heading for Boyton Primary School. When they arrived at Boyton Primary, they were greeted the by rather strict billeting officer (also known as Mr Fugil) who gave them orders and marched them into the school hall. When they arrived, the children told, in the 1940's children should be seen and not heard so they made sure they were on their best behaviour . After a rendition of the National Anthem, the children were sorted  into new host familie. Some children were lucky and had families who presented them with delicious chocolate biscuits whilst others were less fortunate and were sent straight out to work in the field.


During the day, the children from both Callington and Boyton took part in a whole host of war time activities. They made use of the outdoor grounds and took part in 'Dig for Victory' activities whilst learning about some of the local history; the children even found out there was a German prisoner of war camp just down the road from the school. The children also took part in 'Make do and Mend' activities and created recipes from war time rationed ingredients. 


The children all had a had a fantastic day and the experience allowed them to live an evacuee's life for the day,helping them to gain empathy and insight into this important historical event.